Uplay and M&M X


Today’s article will explain Uplay implementation in MMX.


Uplay improves every day thanks to players' feedback and the support of Ubisoft games. The platform evolved a lot for the last few years: now Uplay is not only a DRM; it's a platform which brings together a community of enthusiastic people who like Ubisoft games. With Uplay, you can enjoy a deeper ingame experience thanks to the Win program: you play to earn Units and unlock exclusive in-game content, and Ubisoft games or invitations to video games exhibitions.


Uplay also offers many other features. Let’s discover them together!  


MMX and the Uplay Rewards


Might & Magic X – Legacy will offers players tons of actions to unlock. To get all of them you will have to take up every challenge you encounter! Unlocking actions by playing is the key to earn Uplay units. With those Units, you can have access to exclusive rewards from Uplay for Might & Magic X – Legacy: a wallpaper for your PC or a Dungeon offering new undiscovered challenges! Hurry up!


Uplay Rewards


M&M X and the Uplay Services




Can you play to MMX offline with Uplay? Yes! 


First thing to know about Uplay is that you don’t have to stay logged to play your favorite games! Only one connection to Uplay is needed the first time you launch the game to activate your game! After that you can download your game from every computer just by logging in to your Uplay account.
No connection will be required to play after the game is installed on your computer. Nevertheless we encourage you to stay connected to benefit from the online services and get the latest updates.




First, games will be automatically patched when an update is available. You won’t have to launch the game and then close it to trigger the update. For instance, when the next patch of Might & Magic X – Legacy will be available, you will just have to launch Uplay and let the platform automatically download the last update. How convenient is that?


With the new Download manager brought by Uplay PC 4.0 for each of your games where you want them to be installed in your computer! How to do that? Easy!









Important notice: Might & Magic X – Legacy is still in Early Access. This feature will be available at the full release of the game (Early 2014).




Keep in touch with your friends! Uplay is a Social Platform. As a social platform, Uplay provides you with a lot of features to interact with your friends and have the best online experience! 




You can discuss with your friends at any moment while playing by pressing SHIFT+F2 to access the dialog window. You also will be able to follow your friends’ progression in the Uplay PC client thanks to the social column.




Share screenshots and videos! Uplay allows you to take screenshots directly ingame. How many times did you see a wonderful scene or find yourself in an odd situation and couldn’t manage to make a screenshot? Well, it’s very easy! Just follow those simple steps and you will be able to take a lot of screenshots in no time.




Go into the Uplay settings by clicking on the cogwheel icon (see picture above). Then select “Settings”. A window will pop up. Go to the “Other” tab at the left and you will find the window below.




In the “Screenshots Location” you can change the location of the folder where the screenshots will be saved. And you can also choose the hotkey that will trigger the screenshot in Uplay (the default hotkey is F12). Another interesting option is that you can activate an automatic screenshot anytime you unlock an achievement!


Now with all those simple steps, you can now take beautiful screenshots!




But there is more! With the last Uplay update, you can now stream your videos on Twitch!

You're in-game, you're on fire – fighting powerful enemies or solving riddles – and you want to let others know how good you are, no problem: Uplay overlay is where the magic happens!
By pressing Shift + F2, you will discover a new Tab on Uplay's overlay! It's called Broadcast.




To learn more about how to broadcast like a pro, feel free to have a look on this announcement.


We hope this guide helps everyone grasp the basics of Uplay!

Ubisoft is willing to enhance Uplay in order to reach the level of our competitors. What do you think about different aspects of the platform? Do you have any ideas of how to improve it? Please let us know in the comments below