Wanted: Experienced modders


Hello everyone,


we're currently working on the modkit for MMX, and we'd like some experienced modders to test it before the release. Does that sound appealing to you? Have you worked with Unity, have you done some nice game maps and/or mods before? Then show us some of your finest pieces of work and be one of the first people to create a map or a mod for MMX!




The modkit will not exactly look like this, but similar.


If your work convinces us, you will get the opportunity to test our modkit before everyone else does. We're planning to present your results to the community as examples for what can be done with the kit.


Are you interested, or would you like to suggest someone? Then please write in the comments and we will contact you via direct message. Deadline is Friday, September 27th, 2013.


Your MMX team