What is your favorite class?


Hey everyone,

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to get acquainted with the the first four classes as well as the four new classes revealed with the latest patch, we’d like to know how you feel about all of them. Therefore we’re asking you which class you like best, which one you pick first all the time, and why.


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Here’s a short overview:

  • A fragile, but powerful healer who knows how to keep the focus: The Freemage
  • A great ranged damage dealer who knows how to evade, but lacks melee skills: The Ranger
  • Heavily armored, shielded and wielding an axe: here comes a real tank: The Defender
  • Quick, ferocious and tough: a straightforward fighter: The Barbarian 
  • A tough and resilient caster who is not lost when out of mana (but raises a spear or a mace): The Shaman
  • A crossbow Grand Master with fair melee, casting and tactic abilities: The Scout
  • A real caster who can achieve a huge mana capacity: The Druid
  • The Jack-of-all-trades fighter. Carries whatever weapon you choose: The Mercenary