What to patch next: The results


Hey everyone,

Thanks for your votes on the first “What to patch next?” poll. The comments showed already very early which the top vote options are: Item compare and map notes. But there can only be one winner …

Item compare with 55%


The team has started today with the implementation of the feature. It will be part of the first official patch.

Please note: Also the other features from the poll will be implemented for a later game version (not in the next patch)

The big question you may have now is:

When will the official patch be released?

We are currently busy implementing the features and bug fixes for that patch. This also contains fixes and changes we made by the feedback from you. We still need some time to finish everything and of course for the implementation of the item compare. :)  We have many new nice features ready for you. Especially …

… new classes!


Yes, the official patch will allow you to test some new classes. So stay tuned for the next updates on the open dev blog.

Your MMX team

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