Choose your dungeon!

Which dungeon concept would you like to see in Might & Magic X – Legacy?


Dungeons are an essential part of Might & Magic X Legacy, and therefore we’d like you to help us create a special one. We will ask you to vote for one specific aspect of the dungeon each week, and then we will create that dungeon, step by step, according to your votes. This week we’ll start with the general concept. The vote will be open until next Tuesday. After you have decided for one general concept, we will go into detail. So stay tuned for the dungeon fine tuning!


Please pick the concept that you like the best:


New dungeon

Design a completely new dungeon from scratch, step by step.
51 %

Classic dungeon remake

Revive one of the classic dungeons from the past, such as Dragon Tower or the Fabled Castle Doom. Old school, new rules!
37 %

M&M community dungeon

Create a dungeon that is inspired by one of the most popular Might & Magic community websites (such as for example Celestial Heavens or Drachenwald) – meet and fight webmasters and members.
12 %
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