I. Open Dev Vision Statement

What is Open Dev and why are we doing it?

We simply love what we do, and we want to share our passion for MMX with you in this Open Dev blog. Join us if you’re interested in exclusive info on game production. Help us make the best possible game by giving us feedback. Discuss features and issues with the dev team and other players. Get behind the scenes! We know this is a very ambitious plan. We are aware that there won’t be too many chances for players to decide about critical game features, since the release of MMX is quite close already. However, we have been working with a small group of fans for some time now, and our teamwork has been really fruitful. We're thrilled to expand collaboration now to a larger scale!

What can I do with Might & Magic X Open Dev?

The Open Dev website will allow you to participate in the development of a unique dungeon. Every week you can connect to the Open Dev and vote for a new dungeon feature. Also, you will be able to read exclusive info on the game's development and comment on it. Access to the forums will allow fans and developers to engage in a shared conversation about the direction of Might & Magic X. Everybody will have his own Open Dev profile which will detail achievements attained in the game for bragging rights on the website!

Who is behind Might & Magic X Open Dev?

The Might & Magic X team (a mix between Limbic Entertainment and Ubisoft people) will keep you updated on almost every detail of MMX development. We are looking forward to introducing our team members to you in the future.

How do I access the Might & Magic X Open Dev?

Might & Magic X Open Dev will be open to everyone and accessible through a dedicated link at If you want to participate, log in with your existing Uplay account or click here to register a new Uplay account.

Does this mean you want a DRM or always-online copy protection in Might & Magic X?

No, there will be no “always-online” copy protection! Buy, download, play, that’s it. However, implementing Uplay is a Ubisoft corporate policy and Might & Magic X – Legacy will not be different from any other Ubisoft title. So yes, Uplay will be in and you’ll need to be online for ONE time activation.

What is the influence of Might & Magic X Open Dev on the game itself?

Players who participate in Might & Magic X Open Dev will determine one Dungeon of the game. Moreover you will be able to contribute to mod support, game balancing changes, game design formulas, difficulty settings as well as decide on spotlights for the Open Dev. Inspire us, discuss with us and challenge us!

Why can we only vote for one Dungeon? And why can't we vote for several features of the game?

As this is a new way of working for us, we've limited the scope of the Open Dev to a single dungeon for the time being. However, this dungeon will be composed of numerous features that players will determine one by one each week, so contributors will have an input to many aspects of play. This way the dungeon will be proudly named the community dungeon in reference to its contributors!

II. Game FAQ

What type of game is Might & Magic X – Legacy?

Might & Magic X – Legacy is a tribute and sequel to the early Might & Magic RPGs, but updated to today’s standards: Old school – new rules!

What does tribute mean and what are the «main facts» of the game?

MMXL is a first person, party-based 3D RPG, with a true “retro-feel”. With tile-based movement and turn-based combat, MMXL is in the vein of the early Might & Magic games.

What does tile-based movement mean? No free exploration?

Tile-based movement means that you walk on a grid, but in MMXL you can nevertheless leave the linear paths, so you are free to explore every last corner of the map. The grid based movement adds a strategic depth to the game experience, but does not prevent you from exploring a huge open world.

How many party members will the game have?

Your party will consist of 4 characters. Stay tuned for more info about the races, classes and the party creation!

Will there be hirelings available in the game?

Yes, there will be two slots for hirelings available in the game. More info on the hireling system will be revealed on the dev blog soon!

Will there be trainers in the game?

Yes, although there is an automatic level-up, there will still be trainers in the game. Stay tuned for more details and info on that topic. We will share it on the blog soon!

Will the game have an moddable engine ?

Yes, fans will be able to create mods for the game later on. We will keep you updated about that on the blog.

Will the game have portrait expressions?

Yes, MMXL will have portrait expressions of course, and we’ll share some early art expressions with you guys on the open dev blog soon! Stay tuned!

Special thanks to Kalah from Celestial Heavens, who supported us by forwarding lots of questions from the community.

III. Dev Chats

On a non-regular basis, some of the devs will be available for a dev chat. These events and the exact time frame (~1 hour) will be announced on the dev blog.

During this time you are invited to join the chat and get in contact: to ask questions and get answers immediately, to give feedback or to simply chat about Might & Magic X in general.

As we are developing a tribute to the classic Might & Magic RPGs, we are using the classic chat protocol, too: IRC!

What is IRC?

Here is a very brief description of IRC:

IRC (Internet Relay Chat = multi user communication system) is a very classic form of a chat in which users can join different channels to chat about different topics. Nowadays, IRC is still common for multiuser chats (although not as “hip” as some other hangout place, but you know our motto “Oldschool is cool!”).

A normal internet browser won’t do the job if you want to join an IRC chat. Instead you will need a client software (i.e. mIRC), which you can download as Free-/Shareware.

Further down below we’ll give you some instruction and details on how to install and join us for the dev chat when using Windows. In order to keep things simple, we’re explaining that with the mIRC software.

To download mIRC, you can use this link

mIRC is shareware, it comes with a 30-day-trial, and after that there will be a splash screen asking you to buy the software each time you start it. Then you can either spend the 20$ to buy it, or live with the splashscreen. Anyway, mIRC is considered one of the best IRC clients by many users.

However there are also other clients/software you could use, i.e. for windows: besirc, dIRC, visualIRC, gamers.irc; for Linux: bitchx, irssi, lostirc; for Mac OS: ircle, snack and finally for Amiga: AmIRC.

How do I install mIRC?

Double click on the downloaded file in order to start the installation. The following welcome window will pop up. Click on "next" to continue with the installation.

Next step is a licence agreement that asks you to register the mIRC chat program after the 30 day test version has expired. You’ll need to click on "I agree" in order to continue with the installation.

Within the next window, you will be able to change the path for installation. The standard path is: C:\Programs\mIRC. We’d suggest to keep it that way. When installing mIRC for the first time there is nothing else you need to pay attention to.

Now the mIRC chat program will be installed on your computer. During this time you will see a progress bar showing the installation process.

To finalize the installation, click on the Finish button. If you have checked in the option “Read mIRC Help file”, the mIRC help will open. The option “Launch mIRC” will start mIRC automatically after the installation will be completed.

In order to start mIRC in future, you will find the shortcut to the executable in Start/Programs/mIRC.

Adding the dev server

The channel will be open ½ hour before the chat starts. You will not be able to connect earlier!

Not all mIRC clients or scripts have a current list of servers (besides ours is a little special ;)). In order to add our server, go to "File" -> "Select Server...":

Choose "Servers" and on "Add":

Please enter:

  1. Any description (field must be filled)
  2. IRC Server/URL:

Now you only need to confirm via “Add” and you’ll see our dev server in your server list.

Connecting to the dev server

Start the program and click continue:

Go to "File" -> "Select Server...":

Click on select and you will be connected to the mIRC server after filling in your details:


  1. Nickname: Choose your nick, it can be the one from the blog, if you like
  2. Alternative nick: If someone already chose your nick, the alternative nick will be displayed in the chat

In some cases it might be that your firewall asks for permission, in that case please accept (sorry for the German firewall pop-up, all you need to do is grant access to mIRC):

Done! Welcome to the dev chats! :)

Again, please note that you will only be able to connect to the server during the chat and ½ hour before it starts.

Might & Magic X – Legacy Open Dev Blog is the link between the dev team and you. As we give you the opportunity to play the game at an early stage of development, we invite you to contribute to this great project. To do so, the dev team proposes you vote on a wide range of subjects: community dungeon, music, monster type and many more aspects! Furthermore on the Open Dev Blog you’ll gain great insight into the game development process, discovering work in progress materials and early concepts. Join the Open Dev Blog and make your opinion matter!

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